Stuffed Cheesecake Strawberry Goodness


Cheesecake filling.

Crunchy toppings.


This genius recipe has been floating around a couple of blogs + pinterest and I haven’t been able to get it out of mind. It is a perfect way to utilize fresh summer fruit while getting your sweet tooth fix.

Stuffed Cheesecake Strawberries:

The team of ingredients:

2 lbs strawberries
8 oz 1/3 less fat plain cream cheese (softened)
1/2 cup or 3/4 cup confectioners sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup favorite crunchy topping (ie graham crackers)


Take those strawbs and cut out those insides. I put the strawbs on a cutting board and took a knife in a circular motion to create the hole for the crazy good filling. If you want more filling in your strawberries, I’d suggest trying to do a fairly good job of removing the insides. Less insides = More filling.

Whisk together softened cream cheese, confectioners sugar, and vanilla extract. Put it in a zip-lock baggie and cut a hole in one of the corners so you have less spillage while filling those strawberries. (You’ll want to do this step in fear of not wasting any of the cheesecake filling!)

I know it’s going to be hard to resist, but put those strawberries in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool down again. You don’t want drippy cheesecake filling, mainly because you don’t want to spill on yourself and secondly because you don’t want any drippy cheesecake party fouls going on. This stuff is THAT good.

The last step – crush up your favorite sweet crunchy topping and sprinkle it over your strawberries. I used Fiber One’s Honey Squares cereal just because it’s what I had on hand, but really anything will work! Use what you have in your cupboards – graham crackers would work as well as any other kind of cereal. If you are feeling extra special I think Health Bar bits would be AMAZING!

O.M.G! Told you it would be a wise idea to go get those strawberries STAT!

Party during the nigh shift tonight complete with stuffed cheesecake strawberry goodness!

Have a great Monday!


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I’m an impulse kind of girl.

I find something I want and I want it.

So, last weekend as my husband and I were spending the weekend boating with friends an idea popped into my head and I could not shake it away.

26.2 miles. October. I’m doing it.

I told Law Boy that I had come up with a really great idea and I don’t think he believed me. I reminded him again on the car ride home that I was signing up for it. He, as well as our other two dear friends gave me a smile and dismissed my idea. (I guess they know me all too well and suspected that as with many of my ideas this one too would pass with time…)

Well, I did it.

26.2 October 16. Done, done & done.

Maybe it was an impulse. But maybe as a former athlete I just need something to work for and to keep me motivated. Athletes are goal oriented individuals – we start with the end in mind and we work for it and we push ourselves hard. When I start to think about the WHOLE 26.2 miles it overwhelms me a little bit. Sometimes 4-5 miles on the treadmill makes me feel like I’ve hit death. Then I try to remind myself that it’s time to switch modes and not worry about beating people or getting an amazing time, but is rather about enjoying what I am doing and what I am accomplishing to make me feel good.

The Training Plan: I’ve had a number of people tell me that I need to be careful with my first 26.2 training plan – if you jump in too fast, injuries result. Thanks to my BFF, Meredith, who has a subscription to a running magazine, we found the perfect first timer’s Marathon Training Plan

We have two rest days a week, which for my nursing schedule is perfect. I’ve also found a long distance running group that meets every Sunday morning for a scheduled long run starting the end of July and hopefully sometime in August I’ll sign up for a half to get some additional miles and a little bit of experience into my legs.

So, there you have it! I’m not sure if I will love running the whole 26.2, but I do know that I will love the feeling after I’ve completed the 26.2. In my own small world, crossing that finish line will be as big of a deal to me as it was to the rest of the world when Brandi Chastain scored the game winner penalty kick in the USA WNT’s game against China in the 1999 World Cup. Chastain lost control and she celebrated like no other professional women’s athlete ever had…

Now I’m off to run 10 miles and watch a little FIFA World Cup action while I’m at it!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!


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Home Design Love

What’s a girl to do with {five} whole days off from work?

A lot of lounging.



And blog reading.

I thought I would show you what I’ve been loving on the blog front in terms of home decorating…

This serene and lovely house is the nest of Coco, the blogger over at Roost.. Every room in her house has a beautiful and peaceful touch to it. I’m slightly obsessed with her wood floors and white fire-place. PS…how fantastic is that lamp shade? I found it online at Anthropologie for a nearly $100.00. I’m convinced with enough hard work or sales-watching I might be able to snag that lamp shade for a more budget friendly price.

Law Boy, add a white fire-place to the wish-list.

Next up is this cute cottage kitchen found over at Kara Paslay’s blog. I’m not sure why this keeps catching my eye – I’m usually much more of a modern girl thanks to my parents love for contemporary designs and art, but for some reason this kitchen just feels perfect. I probably would enjoy waking up at 5:50 every morning if it meant I could drink my coffee and eat my oats in this kitchen.

{Side note, check out Kara’s work that she does for Anthropologie’s store windows. IT IS AMAZING! I never realized what an art it is to create and style beautiful windows to hook and reel customers in.)

Last up is just a little office picture that caught my eye. While it’s actually quite silly for me to think that we need an office space as detailed as this due to the fact that I am a nurse and therefore do not bring my work home with me, while my husband, who could benefit form having a nice office just does not like to study at home. Hence, the use of an office space would be wasted in our someday dream home. So I’m going to dream big for this one because it’s something that we likely will just never need. I can’t remember where I found this inspiration photo – it was probably Apartment Therapy or Young House Love.

I really like the grey paint + white woodwork combo. I’m also sure Law Boy wouldn’t mind having his second love (guitar) on beautiful display like so. The only thing I’d like to add to the room would be a nice pop of color in addition to the turquoise, in the form of flowers or artwork. We could probably do without the sewing machine, seeing as I barely pulled off a B in Mrs. Ebke’s sewing rotation in the 7th grade due to my inability to make straight lines (she always told me to not step all the way down on the pedal, but I always looked at it as a race…to get done the fastest and move on to more exciting things).

Needless to say, sewing is not this girl’s strongpoint.

So there you have it – all of the links I found and fell in-love with over the weekend. Home decorating doesn’t have to be carbon copies of what originally caught your eye. Sometimes just re-creating one or two aspects and applying them to what you already have can result in an original and beautiful room.

Now, if only we had a white fireplace…….

Happy Monday!

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Theo turns TWO months old.

Happy Birthday, T-Man!

(I promise I won’t obsess over Theo all day ever day – maybe every other day?)

Law Boy left Theo and I last night for so he could go to the WWE (or is it WWF?) smack down and have bonding time with his family. Theo was Theo and caused lots of mischief, like soiling the carpet (twice), dumping the water bowl all over the floor (twice) and whining in the kennel all.night.long (we will not give in…).

Oh the joys ; )

It’s a good thing Theo is so darn cute. It’s hard to get mad when I take him outside for 15 minutes and he won’t do a thing except play in the grass chasing after ants while eating various tree leaves and then walks to the door stating that he’s obviously ready to come inside, only to do his business on our area rug. No worries landlords, we’ve got you covered.

Many of people have asked where we’ve gotten this teddy bear best bud. We picked him all the way up in the northwest corner in the state of Iowa from the friendly people at Whispering Pines Kennel. It’s a farm family with lots of kids and lots of love to spread around to their dogs and puppies. They have cavapoo’s, golden doodles, and the F1B mini golden doodles (that’s what Theo is).

In particular, they have one little puppy that needs a home. She has a pair of bad knees and will need surgery once she is a little bit older – but she will be 100% fixed after that. I can’t stop thinking about her – she will be a perfect family dog! She’s free to the right home. If you know anyone or if you fall in love with her charm, contact Whispering Pines!

So there you have it, a whole post dedicated to Theo.

I’m off to work the night shift!


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Theo & Sesame Edamame

We drove nearly 1,000 miles this weekend. With gas prices as high as they are, I qualify that as almost insanity.

However, it was all for good reason.

Wouldn’t you drive 1,000 miles to pick this little guy up and kiss his cute face?!

Meet Theodore “Theo”, our rambunctious 8 week-old miniature goldendoodle. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our puppy for the last month, and I can honestly say that both of us are enjoying his company around the house SO much. It’s amazing how fast you can get attached to an animal.

We spent our memorial day hanging out with this little furry creature at the dog park and exploring parts of Coralville/Iowa City that we have not seen yet. We didn’t do anything exciting, but it was a perfect holiday. Nice (hot!) weather, and no obligations. Perfect!

We decided to forgo the usual Memorial Day grill-out, partially because our grill is out of commission and secondly because we both wanted something light. I brainstormed and came up with this while I was looking at kitchen rugs at BB & Beyond..

Sesame Edamame Rice Bowl:

1 cup Trader Joe’s frozen edamame
1/2 yellow squash
1/2 zucchini
2 large carrots
2 celery sticks
1 package TJ’s frozen brown rice (I’m the world’s worst rice cooker)
2 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs olive oil

Chop and dice those veggies and then prepare your edamame just like the package says. Toss the veggies into a skillet with the olive oil and sauté until slightly brown. Throw your rice in the microwave and then combine with prepare edamame. Once all the veggies are done, toss them in with the rice & edamame and pour soy sauce & sesame oil over rice and veggies. Taaaa-daaaa! Delicious dinner!

Alright, I’m off to go enjoy the last night of my five-day weekend with the hubs and Theo. Hope you all had a safe and warm Memorial Day!


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On Joplin.

I worked this weekend in a hospital.

We had a tornado warning.

For over an hour we spent time in the hallway with our patients waiting for the sirens, thunder, and torrential downpours to stop.

Fortunately, we were in the clear. We got lucky. Because no matter how fast you move, sometimes it isn’t fast enough.

About five hours south of us in a town of 50,500 people, they weren’t so fortunate.

This is a photo of the Joplin St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO.

This hospital is approximately 50 miles away from my sister’s house.

We’ve driven through this town many, many times. My husband and I stop at their Olive Garden on our way home from Dallas every single trip.

Reports say that the hospital and community had a mere five minutes of warning before the fourth most vicious tornado in history destroyed this Missouri town.

I cannot even begin to imagine the chaos and the fear that everyone was experiencing in those moments.

St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin is the sister hospital to the St. Johns in Springfield where my brother-in-law is a pharmacist. He was called in during the middle of the night to come and help during such a dramatic disaster. He has been making IV bags non-stop for those patients who were lucky enough to have made it through the tornado in Joplin and be transferred to St. John’s in Springfield.

Still, even with all of the rescuing 89 people never had a chance. Anybody that knows somebody who lived in Joplin will somehow be affected by this natural disaster.

More than 1,500 police and firefighters and thousands of volunteers are continuing to battle the rains today continuing the search for survivors. Healthcare workers are being called on. Blood banks are running low. And the people in this community have nothing. Sandwiches, o-negative blood, and clothing for these individuals are all desperately needed.

Say a prayer. Count your blessings. And never underestimate the power of mother nature.

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The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

I printed this off the other day and stuck it in my purse to help me remember which items I should be buying organic when I am at the grocery store and which I can save a buck or two on and not buy organic. It’s cute (and helpful!) and I thought I would share:

The dirty dozen has higher amounts of pesticides and fertilizers in them (yuck!) and the clean fifteen are those fruits and veggies that we don’t need to spend the extra money on just for the organic label.

To read the full story, go here.

I feel a little bad for the crying fruit and veggies, especially Mr. Grape.

That’s all for now!


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